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bringing the harvest home, Dunkeld

Creating a community


The most important times of our year are the planting and harvesting days.  This is when we need a lot of people working as part of a team to get the work done.  It's a great day out for everyone.  Our youngest workers on planting and harvesting days haven't even started school yet, and the oldest are in their eighties.  Working together creates a real buzz, and it's great to see so many people smiling after a day's work. 


We also have a number of dedicated people who staff the stall in the village and create a link to our customers.  By buying our locally grown Dunkeld produce, you will be enjoying some of the tastiest vegetables available.  If you become a member, you will get 20% off everything you buy, and have the opportunity of growing it! 


Working together is one thing that we have a passion about at The Field.  It's a sociable place to come, and even if you decide to go into a far corner and work on your own for a bit, you'll still be working for the team.


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