Field Structures

This is a quick run through of the structures you will find up at the field.

The Shed

The shed is the command centre for the field.  You will find the list of jobs to be done, seeds, tools and a kettle. 

If it isn't raining, have a seat on the new benches outside and look around.

Storage Shed

The north side of the storage shed is dark and cool, the perfect environment for storing harvested veg.  There is also room for tools which don't fit in the main shed.

The Polytunnel

This is where we bring our seedlings on in the springtime.  During the growing season, there are tomatoes and cucumbers to be looked after.  This year the basil has been growing well, as your nose will tell you when you walk in. 

There is an opening/closing/watering rota on the table.

Fruit Cage

Our new fruit cage keeps the birds away.  Built with donation from Perth College UHI Community Sponsorship Fund.