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Field Structures

The Shed

The Shed - every Field needs a shed! This is where you will find the list of jobs to be done, seeds, tools and a kettle for that all-important coffee break!

The Polytunnels

The polytunnels provide a protected growing environment for starting off seedlings in the springtime as well as growing more tender crops and those that need a lot of warmth, for example tomatoes, cucumbers, basil etc.

Storage Shed

The north side of the storage shed is dark and cool, the perfect environment for storing harvested veg.There is also room for tools which don't fit in the main shed.

Fruit Cage

We have a soft fruit cage, inside which we grow blackcurrants, redcurrants, blueberries and gooseberries, protected from the birds. Built with a donation from Perth College UHI Community Sponsorship Fund.

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