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lettuce Dunkeld

Organic Principles


At The Field we grow our vegetables acccording to organic principles.  That means no insecticides or artificial fertiliser.  All our seeds are organically sourced as well.  We believe that the fewer chemicals you have in the production of the food you eat, the better. 


For the community


The Field lies a short walk from the centre of Dunkeld and we transport out veg down to our market stalls twice a week.  We reckon that our produce has some of the lowest food miles in the land.


As a community

We grow our produce on a large scale rather than small allotments.  This means that we can supply our market stalls with enough veg throughout the growing season and beyond. There is another advantage of growing in this way: it means that when there are big jobs to do, everyone has to pull together for the common good!


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