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preparing the ground, the field, Dunkeld

Find out what you're good at


Don't know how to grow things?  Think you haven't got green fingers?  You don't have to be a keen gardener to work up at The Field. 


Most of the jobs that need done up at the field can be done by anyone.  On the practical gardening side, there's making a hole and popping a seed into it, howking out weeds, covering crops with fleece, and picking veg out the ground at harvest time. 


There are also more robust jobs such as checking the fence for rabbit holes, sitting on a mower and cutting grass, putting layers of ingredients onto a compost heap, spreading well rotted composrt on the field, liming the plots, muck spreading, and harvesting courgettes before they turn into marrows.


More delicate work can be found in the polytunnel: tending to tender plants, watering, controling the humidity and potting on.  We also need harvesters to prepare our produce for the stall, however you must be fully competent at picking vegetables and washing them.


We have a shed full of tools waiting for you and people willing to show you how to use them.  


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